Accreditation is mandatory for journalists wishing to cover the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee. To become accredited, please apply through the online form by using the access code MED37 at the following address:

All media who have registered will also need to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the State of Qatar and the Qatar News Agency. However, please note that journalists do not need to take any additional steps as this is part of the overall online registration process.
In the event of problems concerning registration, please write to the following email address:

Media Registration and Security Measures

The registration area of the 38th session will be set up as of 13 June after 2.00 pm and from 14 June 2014 from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm at the QNCC. A special reception desk onsite will be reserved for media representatives. Please note that your online application for registration and accreditation must be received by 1 May and approved by the Qatari Authorities before you present yourself at the onsite reception desk.
Once you have registered online, you should have uploaded your information and photos online. Subject to approval and accreditation through the online registration process, an identification badge will be ready to be printed and collected when you identify yourself on arrival at the venue.
It is imperative that participants identify and present themselves at the reception desk as soon as possible upon arrival to allow sufficient time for the badges to be printed and collected. Identification badges must be worn and visible at all times to gain access to the venue of the meeting, and must be presented to the security personnel upon request.
Identification badges are non-transferable. Access to the Plenary or meeting rooms will be denied to any individual who uses the badge improperly.
Please be advised that security personnel may examine and verify equipment and personal effects taken into the Media Centre. Please allow for sufficient time in your schedule to pass the security checks.

Media Centre

A Media Centre will be made available to journalists covering the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee. It will be used as a work station and will be equipped with computer facilities and a WiFi connection. Journalists wishing to organize interviews with the World Heritage Committee members are required to submit their requests to the Press Centre. Eventual changes in the programme will be posted in the Press Centre.

Press Conference Room

Press conferences will take place, for accredited media, in a designated area within the conference centre. The programme of events planned for the media will be provided at the time of registration.

Press Release

Press releases and photos of the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee will be posted on the meeting website. Press releases will be posted on the webpage reserved for media and the photographs displayed in the photo gallery. The meeting website will also contain links to the World Heritage Committee working documents and the streaming of debates with English and French translations.

Media Access to the 38th Session

A team in charge of relations with the media will be present at the Media Centre during the 38th session. Information meetings on World Heritage Committee decisions will be held as required, and press releases will be published throughout the session.
The World Heritage Committee session will be held with an online and on-screen transmission of debates at the QNCC.

For any questions regarding media accreditation and facilities, please contact the session organizers at the following address:

For any media questions regarding the World Heritage Committee, please contact:

Mr Roni Amelan
Title: UNESCO Senior Press Officer