Passport Requirements

International visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, before entry to the State of Qatar. GCC (Gulf Countries) can travel to Doha on a valid ID Card.
Visa Requirements

Please note that visas will be free of charge for all accredited participants to the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee, who apply through the following official channels as listed below:

For all enquiries concerning visas and other formalities required to enter the State of Qatar, participants are requested to contact directly the consulate or the diplomatic mission of Qatar in their own country, only once they have successfully completed their online registration. 


Through The Qatari Embassy

The confirmation email received upon online registration and accreditation must be presented to support the visa request, together with a copy of the official UNESCO invitation letter, as well as two copies of the passport, a visa application form, 2 colour passport size photographs, a confirmation of the hotel booking, and a flight reservation.
All Qatari embassies will be notified of the participants who have been successfully registered and accredited through the online website and cleared by the Qatari Ministry of Foreign affairs (MOFA).

Participants who have limited or no access to an embassy or diplomatic mission of Qatar

Participants who have limited or no access to an embassy or diplomatic mission of Qatar may apply for a visa directly through the online registration system and website of the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee. Once validated in the system and approved by the Qatari Ministry of Foreign affairs (MOFA), participants will either 1) receive an electronic visa which will be sent to them by email, or 2) a visa approval letter which will enable them to board the plane and collect their visa upon arrival in Doha.

Participants should follow instructions on the website with regards to the status of their visa request and whether they will receive an electronic visa or a visa approval letter to carry with them on the plane and pick up the visa on arrival at the airport desk in Doha.

If you require any further assistance or encounter any problems with your online visa request please send an email to or call the following number: +974 4441 7787. The contact person to assist and advise participants on visa processes is Ms Liezl Sapopo and her team.

To avoid any delays, participants are kindly requested to take steps to obtain their visa by 15th May which is the deadline for visa applications. No visa request can be guaranteed for timely review after this date.

Please note that UNESCO World Heritage Centre will be unable to intervene regarding decisions taken on visa applications by the Qatari authorities.

Visa applications after 15 May 2014

If you have a passport from the 33 countries listed below, you may obtain Visa on arrival in Doha. An information desk will be at the airport when youarrive and you will be advised how to proceed.

No. Country No. Country No. Country
1 Andorra 12 Greece 23 New Zealand
2 Australia 13 Hong Kong 24 Norway
3 Austria 14 Iceland 25 Portugal
4 Belgium 15 Ireland 26 San Marino
5 Britain 16 Italy 27 Singapore
6 Brunei 17 Japan 28 South Korea
7 Canada 18 Lichtenstein 29 Spain
8 Denmark 19 Luxembourg 30 Sweden
9 Finland 20 Malaysia 31 Switzerland
10 France 21 Monaco 32 United States
11 Germany 22 Netherlands 33 Vatican

For any other passport holder where it is not possible to obtain Visa on arrival, it is advisable to go through your hotel to request a visa or travel agency from your country of origin.

Flight Reservations

Once participants have received an email confirmation of their accreditation they are strongly advised to reserve their flights as soon as possible. As a reference, the Qatar Airways website will provide you with additional information on flights and schedules:


Driving in Qatar

In Qatar, driving is on the right-hand side of the road. Cars are equipped with manual or automatic gear change. Drivers and all passengers must wear a seat belt.  For safety reasons the use of a mobile telephone while driving is against the law. The consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly forbidden for the driver, with zero tolerance.

It is inexpensive to rent a car, but it is recommended to hire a driver for convenience and safety reasons. Traffic can be hectic during rush hour.

Driving regulations in Qatar are similar to those of international standards. Unless otherwise indicated, the maximum speed on city roads and in built-up areas is 80 km/h, outside urban areas is 100 km/h and on highways is120 km/h.

Medical Insurance

A first-aid service and an ambulance shall be available to participants in case of need, near the place of the session, but no other medical service shall be provided. Participants are expected to cover the costs of any medical expenses incurred in the State of Qatar. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that participants take out medical insurance in their home country in order to be covered in Qatar and elsewhere during their travel.